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My memoir Two Ranks on the Road to be released for Anzac Day 2024

Welcome from a sweltering Perth. What a summer its been here and we’ve just entered our hottest month, go figure! Our sympathies go out to the Eastern seaboard especially NQ which has been hit with serious floods. I’m surprised that the Defence Force hasn’t been mobilized in its entirety. Even if they go in with truck loads of food, tents and everything else that may be needed. I may be wrong and speaking out of turn, I hope I am. It’s amazing what a squadron of Army Chinooks can carry and land anywhere. Add to that the various other STOL aircraft which could be put to good use. It is after all, a national emergency.

My new book ‘TWO RANKS ON THE ROAD—35 years of Australian Special Forces Service’ is being launched in April and Imprimatur Books are taking orders for it now (priced around A$50 plus postage).

The book will be launched at Boffins Books at 88 William Street in Perth City at 5pm on Sunday 21 April 2024.  Those in Perth are most welcome to attend. There will be a small attendance fee to cover incidentals – food and drink and stimulating conversation.

Vaya con Dios             


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